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Papa Soul Productions- created for "the artist with greatness" who is in need of  musical  direction and creative guidance.  Giving the voice of the clients/artist more distinction, style, volume and appeal. C.E.O. of Papa Soul Productions
The artist Nosakhere, is a writer for over 10 years and has written hundreds of songs for various mediums of music, such as television, online music markets, school educational projects, movie scores, awareness foundations, voice overs demo's and the list goes on. 

Nosakhere Papa Soul is a well-rounded, well received creative artist with irresistible global appeal, bringing both originality, and versatility with his own unique vision to the arts, business and entertainment world. As a professional and creative writer, producer, and vocalist of soul, hip-hop, gospel, and R&B music, 

Nosakhere is a creator of the arts with a long history of work that includes television scores, educational school jingles, jazz, and neo-soul music, paintings, wood sculpting, videography, jewelry designs, and voice overs. His vision of art and sound is authentic and unbound.
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The artist- Nosakhere Papa Soul uses this collection of God given skills to craft a phenomenal and original sound instantly welcomed into your musical receptors. With feel good soul and deep musical tracks that take you on multiple journeys through sound, & musical vision. Places that only Nosakhere's  unique style and imagination can take you. All are welcome! Catch Nosakhere Hosting & more on Comcast Cable's Community Essentials every Sat. @ 9:00pm ch.19

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