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Available [email protected] When your heart & spirit push through your voice so exuberantly, that they refract rainbows of truly joyful praise to God!. A most unique musical pulse and magnetic style,. with artful and creative orchestration. Harvesting the compelling, dramatic, soulful, and jubilant song. All through music with powerful yet elegant design. God is Love There are four different types of love. 1. Agape- highest form of all love, this is Godly love. It is unconditional, accepting, and sacrifices for others. 2. Phileo- affectionate, warm, tender and platonic love of friendship. 3. Storge- Love of commitment, forgiveness, and comfort of Family and loved ones. 4. Eros- passionate, intense and romantic love of marriage. When you find a song you love, it's like finding a home of music for your heart. When we find places like that we keep them. This is what I share with you all. With these acapella styled songs of praise to our Lord God Almighty. That was given to me as a blessing to share with all. This singular sound you will hear was developed with a minimal but rightly appropriate approach to instrumentation. While maintaining a maximum dose of sound and true message through vocals. Unique and handcrafted percussion, gives a pulse and magnetic style to each song. With artful and creative orchestration. Harvesting the compelling, dramatic, soulful, and jubilant song. All through music with powerful yet elegant design. As you continue to replay these songs. They will continue to reveal new aspects of wisdom, praise and God's word through the same message of worship and melodic praise. The closer you draw nearer to God Himself, the more He reveals Himself to you in many ways far beyond these melodies. These 15 songs of praise and worship to my Savior Jesus Christ. Although meant to touch, reach, and uplift all. Are deeply personal, and a particular treasure to me. A true testimony to my life's tribulations and my conquering victory through and in Christ Jesus. Everybody holds onto a sure thing. God has been my rock and absolute sure thing, throughout my entire life!. These have been my songs of praise that get me through in life during times of Joy and Pain. I humbly now gift you with the opportunity to adopt each of these melodies all your own. Encouraging you gladly, delightfully, to share them all with familiar hearts for healing. With songs like (He forgave me), & (Savior Divine), among many others. Will easily ignite your own expressions of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. For the beauty of life, and all that we have been blessed with daily in our lives. I have written hundreds of songs, about everything from the worldly to the Romantic. Even put in my 10,000 hours with my craft developing excellence. But this time my approach to this body of music, was most vulnerable and open-hearted. Simply because no other subject matter is more real. I really had to accept my own deep flaws, and Imperfections. As well as my gifts, and unique abilities. Things that I learned how to do daily in devotion reading scripture. I always say if you want the same joy, peace, good health, and prosperity as you see others having. Find out what scriptures they are reading. Here are just a few of many. That constantly nourish and empower me day by day, in God's eternal will and love. As I pray and ask God moment by moment to guide me through each day. God is love. Romans 5:8 NKJV But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. I John 4:16 NKJV And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. More- on God's scripture and everlasting love:@ my website: Please share the music and your comments below. May God richly bless all of your lives!!!.

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