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Published on Aug 4, 2016 Hello and welcome to Nosakhere's world of Artopia!. Where I'll be spending some time with you today just briefly showing you a few techniques as well as my own creative process, & finally several designs of my own original artwork. So the first thing I do is observe the natural flow of things around me as well as within myself. By simply staying aware & perceptive to everything in existence. This allows me to pick up creative flow. Right here in the moment. I call that,... listening for God's inspiration. From there you simply take what speaks most to you in that moment, and begin expressing it artistically. The next phase is imagining a visual. I have a vivid & powerful imagination so this really helps. Whether that image be a person, place, or pattern of abstract design. Once I've imagined that object, I allow it to develop its own momentum overnight or throughout the day. Then I just basically play with the image in my head well,... until I animate it a bit more. Finally the sketch is ready to fly free. As my creativity spills from my hand, & chalk pencil. Dancing on the page using my pencil, my unique visual, & intuition to push along the crafted design. I like to use a combination of pencils, paint, and mostly chalk pastel. Along with any creatively conducive materials that I feel help to complete the design. Now were ready for the canvas. Starting first with a base of the original enlarged sketch design. Then filling that design structure layer by layer with color. Being mindful that with canvas you have to really work in your layers of chalk to get things properly done. So all the details display well in your artwork. Having good lighting is very important as well. Having good lighting allows you to get a more accurate sense of what ya putting down. Today I'm enjoying the sunshine as I design. As you can see I blend colors, as well as apply different colors for contrast. Remember to be uninhibited!. Always be willing to lose yourself in the creative process. Allowing your art to manifest at its best, & full potential. I also do graphic design as well. I designed my own album covers for my music as you can see here. Available on iTunes, CD Baby, Shazam, & most of your online stores for download. Now from the graphic designs, & back to the painting designs. I'm going to share with you all some original, unique, and colorful designs of my own. Also inspired by music to watch and hopefully enjoy. I truly enjoyed my time with you here in the world of Artopia. I thank you all for sharing this fun & inspired video, along with your comments. Art is the language of the spirit. Remember always that God is love, & may God bless all of you!. Peace. Video produced by: Nosakhere Papa Soul Script written by: Nosakhere (Papa Soul) Artwork by: Nosakhere Papa Soul Music by: Nosakhere Papa [email protected] Voiceover by: Nosakhere Papa [email protected] Art [email protected] Music [email protected] Voiceover [email protected] Songs played for this video are: 1. (Paris Live Venture) 2. (Bright Coral Skies) Both from my CD (A World of Love). Available [email protected] I-Tunes God Is Love 2016PapaSoulProductions

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